David earned his first design degree in San Francisco in Corporate Identity and Design. Drawn to a deeper, human-based design process in product development he attended the prestigious Art Center College of Design earning a BS in Industrial Design in ‘93. He co-founded Zero Nine Design in 2001, a design consultancy and visionary incubator creating business and brand opportunities where emerging technologies meet consumer experiences. Innovating for established and new businesses has led to work with some of the most creative firms across a multitude of disciplines. Clients include; Verb Surgical, Inc., Google, SRI Intl. Robotics, DARPA, Nike, The North Face, Panasonic, Black Rapid Camera, Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios, Philips Medical, Stanford University.



INSME Annual Conference, Doha Qatar, April 2016

Future of Surgery Conference,  Dubai UAE, October 2015

Innovation Resource Elite Retreat, Santa Barbara, CA 2012

Silicon Valley Innovation BI Norway, 2011

Innovation and Creativity, SolidWorks, 2008-10 



David is a guest instructor for Stanford Engineering’s Design Program, guest lecturer at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University’s MBA program. He's  been guest instructor at Georgia Tech's Master Industrial Design, Domus Academy Master Industrial Design, CCA San Francisco, Industrial Design.



He also designs, writes and publishes WHEN Magazine, a cultural look at “what’s coming after what’s coming next”. WHEN takes place ten years in the future and takes a deep dive into products, film and social trends. It takes a calculated look at where our ideas about design, art, style and our love of ‘objects’ is taking us.